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Yes, I suspect that tax payers the world over would share your wry humour!

Re: Bank Holiday Present

I had a reminder of how relatively lawless life could be. In the same era the pioneering Stockton and Darlington Railway was being built in the North East of England, there was a village on the banks of the river Tees near Stockton that still made its living from plundering any vessel that got stuck on a sandbank.
Wasn't me!

My village was on the coast not the river. And I know nothing of tunnels under Winkie's Castle or anything coming in on the cobles besides cod and lobster.

Your mention of the Stockton and Darlington pleased me greatly. We've been seeing lots of railway documentaries here lately and most of them seem to think that world history started with the #*$@&^% "Rocket".

I probably should confess that I don't always give Trevithick his due though.

Re: Bank Holiday Present

Me, I’m more interested in the throwaway comment by our hosts above, that they don’t use the Zvezda sculptors. Makes me wonder what happened to them.

But I am Relaxed who sculpts, as long as they do a good job. And the latest Strelets figures are looking very good indeed