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Re: Linear a's hoplites on the march

Dear 'Babylonian',

Thanks for your useful and learned input (as it was in the thread about the Minoans last month). I had simply used the name of the set as the title for this thread but must admit that I had not considered the figures in any detail, reacting purely to how lovely they look.

That's an interesting snippet and I might chase up that book (so many in my reading list, but you can never have too many, hey?!). The migrations and influences of ancient peoples are fascinating, as, for example, with the on-gong research into the 'origins' of the Celts.

I just checked and Linear a have again taken inspiration from Connolly's marvellous 'Greece and Rome at war' for these figures.

I'm looking forward to seeing further masters of these and the other sets on their extensive list, some of which are so interesting, novel and beautifully made that one is driven to get a set for the interest and 'beauty' of them, even if they are outside periods of greatest interest.

Kind regards,


Re: Linear a's hoplites on the march

Dear James,

Thank you for warning us, this time you were faster than me :joy:

These masters look great, can't wait to see them produced.



Re: Linear a's hoplites on the march

Just when I thought I had stopped with collecting Greco figures! Yes, I'm looking forward to this set indeed. This sculptor produces little works of art!