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Re: British heavy cavalry

Alan Buckingham
Well a Nappy set I would buy, Scots grays without oil skin covers, I have a few Qualiticast figures ,four to be precise , the command group,and bought the Waterloo set to back them up, I would lve to add to them.
Even though they are of no use in the desert? :sunglasses:

Re: British heavy cavalry

Perfect for a what if scenario , like instead of one charge in the whole Napoleonic wars , what if they saw action in 1800 in Egypt, then they would be of use in the Desert...... but like the LRDG some sets we wait a lifetime for, this is another for me.

Re: British heavy cavalry

Well David Stirling was a Scotsman, so with a little imagination I can see him on a grey horse galloping Rommel down as well.