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Re: Have you seen on Linear a??

Linear A is certainly ambitious! I'm looking forward to their Minoans. The whole "Hannibal"
range looks really great.

Re: Have you seen on Linear a??

If the Linear A sets are eventually made it will be a real bonanza for our hobby, especially re the Byzantines for which we have been waiting for so long, Let's hope they will be soon releasing lots of sets together. Most of us are of a certain age and we can't wait for ever. So bring them on please.

Re: Have you seen on Linear a??

Dear Alessandro,

The list becomes more interesting with each visit doesn't it?

The progress towards completion of each seems steady too, which is great to see.

Thanks for directing us to it,


Re: Have you seen on Linear a??

Hi James, it is always a pleasure to share opinions all together:)

Re: Have you seen on Linear a??

I think that Linear A must make the double copies of each Byzantine-theme item. Count me in, too!!!