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Re: FFL Artillery


i think the gun is a french "Canon de 65 M (montagne) modele 1906".

A gun developed before World War 1, specially for the use in montanious areas. Therefore the gun could easy be taken into pieces, so that mules can transport the gun-parts. :snow_capped_mountain:

Best regards


This is the 65 mm mountain cannon year 1906

Country: France

Calibre: 65 mm

Weight: 400 kg

Initial projectile speed: 330 m/s

Shooting rate: 30 shots per minute in sustained shot

Horizontal shooting ranges: 6 degrees

Vertical shooting ranges: -9 to 32 degrees (or -10 to 35 degrees)

Maximum range: 5,500m

Shot weight: 4.5 kg max

Manufacturer: Schneider and Co. Arsenal of Bourges

Re: FFL Artillery

For correct painting:

Example of the 65 mm-Ammunition of the french mountain cannon year 1906 :

More information:

Re: FFL Artillery

Another item to add to my wish list. If you create some of the other French colonial units I may need to get a second job. :grinning:
Some great ones in sets now!,but would like some cavalry , pack animals ,supply troops ,medical,
Agree on spanish ones or saphis plus some extra arabs.

Stay well strelets and everyone else

Re: FFL Artillery

Just an idea:

There are some nice mules in the old Airfix-Set of German Mountain Troops (WW II)...

If you like to build an FFL-Artillery-Uni this mules can be helpful...: