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Re: "Now is the time for the heavy cavalry. I think."

James Fisher
Dear Edwardian,

A couple that you may have missed?

There are the Italeri dragoons. ****ed fine figures that also lend themselves to be Empress Dragoons, Italian dragoons and even Grenadiers à cheval (with a busby added naturellement). Actually, I like the Strelets early carabiniers (an all time favourite set of mine) as the 'big heels'/'gods'—a bit of knife work and a horse swap and they are perfect for mine. That said, it is *amazing* that no-one has produced a standout set of the finest cavalry unit of the period.

For chasseurs à cheval, the Hat figures are simple but fine figures for mid-Empire types, but there is a bit of a gap for early and to some degree later. The Italeri ones are nice, though require a horse swap in the main. Plenty of conversion potential (painting or otherwise) with them.

Not meaning to be too picky, but, there were only the 2e and 7e dragon at Waterloo. The rest were with Grouchy (Excelmans corps that had been at Ligny on the quiet French right). That said, dragoons feature prominently at Austerlitz, Jena and particularly Eylau & Friedland (not to mention the Peninsula, some in Russia and back in France in 1814). All 12 regiments of cuirassiers were at Waterloo—a droolful delight on the tabletop!


Yes, I also like the Italeri French dragoons, which is a very versatile set, even if the horses are running away with themselves a bit (surely it was the British Heavy cavalry that was more prone to this?). And yes, as James rightly points out, there was a surprising lack of dragoons in Napoleon's army at Waterloo - although they were an important part of the French army elsewhere during the 'Waterloo campaign' as a whole.

It's worth also noting that whilst the French Cuirassier arm was plentiful at Waterloo in terms of units, some of these regiments were mere shadows of the mighty armoured cavalry arm of the earlier days of Napoleon's empire.

If nothing else, there is much that could be done by Strelets in the realms of Napoleonic cavalry which is, let's face it, amongst the most colourful period of them all and pretty much the last time when men on horses could play a decisive role in battle.

Re: "Now is the time for the heavy cavalry. I think."

Errrrm HaT have already done the Horse Grenadiers

Re: "Now is the time for the heavy cavalry. I think."

Dear Brian,

Yes, we know. It is an adequate set. The figures look much better painted. The horses are useful for other units too (such as Empress Dragoons prior to having the three-tiered pistol cover).

This is in the greedy, "we want it all" line of having a *fabulous* set of the 'big heels'! I have the Old and Young Guard versions represented, but would happily make another, bigger unit if a fantastic set came along—in some dreamed of future!

Kind regards,