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Re: French Musketeers - Plastic Soldier Review

Well, that was a review to be expected, and it's a pity that Strelets were either unable to, or did not care to, head it off by making changes before the release. I suspect things were too far advanced before we were let in on the plan. A pity, because all the necessary information, with references, was canvassed here. As I have said, my experience of a sister market, that of model trains, is that manufacturers who are open to constructive criticism and properly referenced information generally have happier outcomes than those who brook no such interference.

That said, it is a very fair review. It gives credit for the many fine features of this set. I, too, have been quite taken up by the idea of trying to convert a couple of boxes worth to flintlocks with barrels of a proper length. It would be a crying shame not to use these figures somehow, and I think that, thus converted, they could be a great way to supplement the Set 236 figures, swelling the ranks of the fusiliers, adding the nice early war touch of shoulder-slung cartridge boxes.

With the flags I think it's a case of hack away and start from scratch, which I'm happy to do.

The star of the set is that drummer. Absolutely spot on. If only he were part of a usable set of fusiliers!

I still think the whole concept of musketeers, i.e. matchlock men, is redundant for the French in WSS, so a second fusilier set would have been more useful. I would love to know the basis for PSR's assertion that some matchlocks were still in front-line use up to 1708. Very interesting if true. If true, I'd be up for some long barrel conversions without changing the lock. Any one able to shed further light?

So, near miss, but, worth salvaging; and if they can be corrected by the purchaser, a first class set could still result.

Let's hope Strelets seeks feedback early and then listens in future.

Re: French Musketeers - Plastic Soldier Review

"I would love to know the basis for PSR's assertion that some matchlocks were still in front-line use up to 1708."

Me too. According to the following article which contains a chapter on the transition from the mousquet to the fusil (pp.101-103) the whole French infantry was equipped with flintlocks by 1703.

p. 103: "Le 1er octobre 1703, une ordonnance supprime les dernières piques et, cette même année, l'usage du fusil à baïonnette à douille sera devenu général dans l'infanterie française."