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Re: Stay Safe everyone.

Hello all,

the nurses and doctors are now the real soldiers. Fighting a fight that they cant win in many cases. Stay healthy....and use the time...

All this from an little bat-virus... :skull:

Re: Stay Safe everyone.

Thank you so much, Alan...good luck to you too ...

Re: Stay Safe everyone.

I wish all of us friends here including our gracious host Strelets a safe journey thru this and that this can be brought swiftly under control. - GC

Re: Stay Safe everyone.

My same feeling...

Re: Stay Safe everyone.


Good to hear from you all

And we can but hope to re emerge in better times

Hunker down if you can and stay safe

I'm still working but if sent home, the plastic mountain awaits


Re: Stay Safe everyone.

Dear hobby companions, I live in Brazil. We are quarantined from today, which I think is too late. The authorities were not believing in the seriousness of the disease. The middle class, to which I belong, has material conditions to remain in social isolation. However, I am very concerned about the 100 million poor, who receive an average of $ 200 to $ 300 a month. They will continue to use public transport, which is always full, as they will have to continue working to survive. There will be a tragedy here in the country, as the public service is very precarious. I feel guilty, because I will be safe in my house, enjoying with my dear miniatures, painting and assembling kits, playing wargames on table trays, but my countrymen will not be so lucky. A hug of solidarity to all, because I know that this pandemic is universal, with thousands of deaths.

Re: Stay Safe everyone.

Thoughtful post Paulo and very sobering, I was going to say something flippant about toy soldiers but I don't have the heart for it now. I hope that one of the things that comes out of this is that we genuinely learn that "no man is an island" "ask not for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee". We are one species and we need to love and care for one another whatever our race colour, nationality or creed because competition and conflict is a game with no winners.

Re: Stay Safe everyone.

Very well said Mr. Korn.

Re: Stay Safe everyone.

Marco Zappa
Dear friends here in Lombardy it is a tragic moment... But we hope to get out of it ... almost everyone is in their own house, I have to go to work because we produce detergents, a primary asset then. I wish everyone to come out unscathed and do nice painting jobs or battles with our little plastic friends... but also to have a good time with your family. Un grande abbraccio dall'Italia. Marco.
dear marco, you are one of those many heroes that keep doing their work in these difficult times. i'm just a lawyer from reggio emilia, i can mostly do my work safely from home, tribunals are closed, save for some extraordinary and urgent matters, every hearing is postponed.
for the most it's perfect time for painting, rearrange and reorganize collections.
all my respect and appreciation goes to you and your factory colleagues.
stay safe in your workplace, we need you!