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Re: French Fusiliers (Early War) PSR review

It´s a great set whose highscore in PSR is absolutly right.

Dear Edwardian, I appreciate normally very high your comments and profound knowledge, but please don´t become hypercritical with many articles of same content! Your focus more and more to possible negative aspects weaken your position and has a very rigid, unpleasant sound.

Enjoy the new line of sets and appreciate more what we receive: wonderful figures of an important period which was totally ignored from all plastic figure-producers. The title of a box has personally for me third degree importance, if its figures are well done. And not every set has to have all desired possible poses, if more sets will follow to the theme - see the former british sets!

Constructive and well balanced critic can be helpful, but sermon-like critics with similar content can turn very soon in unpleasant vinegar, sorry.

Re: French Fusiliers (Early War) PSR review

I tend to come here infrequently, and then answer all topics of interest at once. Sorry if that over faces some, but just think of all those pleasant days of respite when you do not hear from me at all!

I think you have misunderstood me concerning the naming of the sets. What the naming of the sets suggests is that Strelets are a bit wobbly on their history here. It's not an issue affecting the content of the sets; set 236 is a superb set, with really very minor inaccuracies, and so, it doesn't really matter what it's called, it's a very good set for WSS French infantry. And quite beautifully done.

Overall, I would be resistant to the idea that I am being negative, I've praised, very highly, both the introduction of this range and 3 out of the 4 sets so far released. I've bought a good deal of these sets already, and anticipate continuing to invest very heavily in this range. On the other hand Strelets, IMHO, are a little bit out of their depth with a slippery subject and seem to need to be a little more thorough and cautious; this period is less certain and it's easier to get things wrong. That said, most of what I've see in their WSS range is first rate. Have I not heaped sufficient praise where it is due?