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Re: Future civilians: Zulu Wars & Boer War

Graham Korn
I know everyone is excited about the new WSS figures (trying hard not to add to the plastic mountain) but I'm still intrigued by the civilian sculpts we've been tantalised by. Come on Strelets let us into your plans and thinking on civilians. Will they replace bonus streltsi or is this just a one off? If they are going to become a regular feature, how many would a set include and, crucially for me, would they be for the same era as the soldiers? Don't be coy, tell us what you're planning.

Graham, I hate to try to dictate to Strelets on what they should or shouldn't produce but you're correct; the level of excitement & interest in the civilian figures seems to be a no-brainer in terms of producing such figures.

As I am (like you) a wargamer, I don't need several dozen boxes of non-combatants. They'd tend to be eye-candy or maybe objectives so "bonus figures" would suit me better.
However, see comment above about anything Strelets decides is OK by me.

And if I could dream for a bit.....civilians (men, women & children) for the AZW & Boer Wars (I think they'd be interchangeable?) would be very nice too.

I have scenarios involving convoying civilians, relieving strong points & capturing civilians were they'd be nice to have.

Re: Future civilians: Zulu Wars & Boer War

They'd work for the Boxer Rebellion as well....or other Colonial campaigns where you have groups of civilians to protect or rescue.

Re: Future civilians: Zulu Wars & Boer War

I don't think I'm dictating Paint Dog, I'm just trying to find out where they going with this. Obviously, they will issue them in whatever way they think best but my preference would be for civilians that matched the era of the set. My main interest is dark age, medieval and early twentieth century so if I buy a box of WW2 Soviets, a couple of 18th century dandies doesn't do me any favours whereas a couple of Russian peasants would be spot on.

Re: Future civilians: Surely something for the Eighteenth Century?

The dress of simple country folk did not change much. Some WSS civilians could no doubt find broader appeal.

This was an age of civilian contractors providing haulage and 'train', as well as sutlers and camp followers, passing peasantry etc. A rich field for Strelets to explore?

Perhaps some farm or supply waggons and horses?

Re: Future civilians: Surely something for the Eighteenth Century?

All some great ideas and a gap in the hobby. I like the ideas of civilians- from cheering passing troops, cowering in the heat of battle, refugees, and of course camp followers and wagoneers, etc. It would be great.