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Moscow noble cavalry

I hope Strelets don't mind me raising this on their site but Redbox don't have a forum and I'm a bit bemused. I don't get all these sets of Moscow noble cavalry. Does anybody know the rationale? Aren't they simply multiple sets of the same type of troops? What is the significance of ascribing them to certain battles (especially sieges which is not a type of battle I would normally associate with cavalry)? Any thoughts or actual knowledge? Just trying to get some insight into what seems a strange action to me.

Re: Moscow noble cavalry

dont know much about eastern european renaissance,but im wanting to learn from others.when i saw these sets announced i looked up the battles.there is 65 years between 2 of them,so must be a difference between the way they looked.i know western cavalry in 1515 looked different than in 1581,so im looking forward to being informed.