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Re: Civilian Bonus figures and Naval figures

Royal Naval Divisions were very active in land combat during the Boer War and WWI so sets for these would be most welcome.

Re: Civilian Bonus figures and Naval figures

royal naval division or royal marines 1914 would be great or boar or zulu wars with straw hat would make some people happy

Re: Civilian Bonus figures and Naval figures

And don't forget to mention the US navy/Pearl Harbor set M112 from strelets, and also japanese IJN pilots and ground crew (72053) from Red Box.

we can also find very good 3D figures :

there's customers for this !

There's plenty of use for navy set of any period up to trafalgar because you can play 1/72 wargames with ships up to around 1 meter long, pirates ships are even smaller, very few can make a WWII 1/72 aircraft carrier or battleship, and I'm among them :

but there's plenty of landing ship and smaller boats available in 1/72 scale models, including naval installation on the ground or fortifications.

Any Navy set covering romans, pirates, Napoleonics and WWII will be on my buying list for sure.

for the sound :


Re: Civilian Bonus figures and Naval figures

We definitely need a figure for Nelson. How can we have reached the 21st Century without a 1/72 plastic figure of "Our Nel.", that's just not right. :relaxed:

Napoleonic Royal Navy officers are needed; on the quarterdeck, sitting in the stern sheets of boats and leading landing parties (perfectly usable for wargames I would think). A Royal Navy cutter or pinnace with oarsmen would also be great. Then you can start on the other Nation's Navies.

Naval Division figures for WWI would be welcome, a good bonus figure for this period might be Midshipman Prince Bertie in A-turret of H.M.S. Collingwood.

I don't currently have any WWII figures but WWII R.N. figures might tempt me. My personal choices for WWII personalities would be Admiral A.B. Cunningham and Lt Cmdr. Hussey.