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Re: Plastic Soldier Review? Web Archive

The 'PSR-is-down' topic has cropped up from time to time on 'the other company's Forum'. Back in July last year, 'Ironsides' helpfully posted a link to a web archive which allows access to the PSR pages, saved for posterity 'just in case'. The pages are about 6 months out of date, so do not carry the very latest news and reviews, but most of the site is there. You need to click on 'Site Map' on the archive and then , it seems, the highlighted segment on the outer ring to get the most recent version. The Archive is organised so that it is also possible to search by year.

It's re-assuring to know it's there stored on the web, somewhere.Link is at:

Re: Plastic Soldier Review? Web Archive

Thanks, Minuteman, the good old Wayback Machine comes up trumps again!

Re: Plastic Soldier Review?

I have stopped being able to get PSR with Chrome, but can get it straight away with Yahoo.

Very odd!