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Re: Figure of Russo-Japanese War

Interesting topic. I thought actually that Caesar had Japanese and Russian infantry in their pipeline a very very long time ago... Pity this has never been produced.

Re: Figure of Russo-Japanese War

I agree , an interesting but forgotten subject that deserves some coverage.
I doubt we will ever see the sets promised by Caesar so hopefully another manufacturer will give this conflict some attention. It would fit well into the Strelets range !

Re: Figure of Russo-Japanese War

What Duncan said.

Both the Russians and the Japanese could serve for the Boxer Rebellion as well, and for WW1.

Re: Figure of Russo-Japanese War

Masaru Okada
Recently, while the soldier figure lineup is covering with wide history from ancient to contemporary, the Russo-Japanese war is forgotten.
It is not only the prototype of modern war but also Russian modern history.
In Japan, The fine-mold corporation sold a 28cm howitzer with artillery soldiers, but It's only one.
So I expect the Russian manufacturer as participating countries.
I would like to hear about your interests.
I agree.