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Re: Friday Post

Indeed, most probably they are part of the announced US Anti-Tank Squad.
Two good poses here: lively & convincingly in action. Thats what any late industrial & all modern warfare "combat" sets should look like. Grunts taking cover, some crouching & kneeling, observing & quickly moving/firing... .

Wondering what kind of shell the second figure is holding. Doesn't look like a bazooka rocket to me, more like a conventional artillery shell.
Are we expecting another Strelets artillery piece? :smiley:
Imho the shell looks too large for the 37mm M3 AT-gun, so it leaves us with the 57mm M1 and 3-inch M5 AT-guns.
Coincidentally ACE recently announced the 57mm M1 within their 2020 catalogue and they already offer early & late versions of the 3-inch M5. :smile: :+1:

Thanks for sharing, another set I'm looking forward to. :+1:
Great to see a Western Allied AT for a change. Just a thought if the 57mm AT was chosen it would be possible to produce a British as well as American version as the 57mm is basically the British 6pdr. Yes there would have to be 2 barrels on the spruce but that is no big deal. 2 sets from one artillery spruce - financially a good idea. Ideally it needs to be desert /Burma/italian /
commonwealth gunners as PSC have a European version.

..... however the 17pdr is still being ignored by manufacturers in 1/72 -

Re: Friday Post

Maybe a mortar team of US Marines ??

We will see...

But not my period... :cry:
They are not Marines - no helmet covers, bloused paints in what looks like twin buckle combat boots on the first figure and the M3a1 smg - a very rare weapon in the PTO. They must be the from the US antitank set, and VERY nicely done indeed.

I like the RTO (having been one myself way back), but wish he had been given a rifle instead of the smg which was really a tanker's weapon and the curse of 1/72 plastic figures ;) Conversely the cannoneer has been given a rifle when he really should have a carbine, but considering the dearth of riflemen in US Army WW2 sets across the board, I am not going to complain there!

Not a recognisable disease.

For those of you, who are sick and tired of Napoleonics:

Nice week-end!

Best regards,


Whilst not denigrating the artistry or the potential use of such figures, I don't think it is actually possible to get "sick & tired of Napoleonics". Only my opinion, of course.

Re: Not a recognisable disease.

How did I miss these guys ???? they look great, right period too.