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Re: Hät industries

BTW: For those unfamiliar with the terms:

SNAFU - US Army slang for Situation Normal - All [Fouled] Up.

FUBAR - [Fouled] Up Beyond ALL Recognition

Re: Hät industries

Hello Wayne; what does BTW mean?


Re: Hät industries

Thanks Murat/Wayne, I had a hearty laugh this morning (several hours ago now) when I read this.
When asked by SHMBO what I was laughing at, I told her, only to be asked (dead-set), "What does BTW mean?"
It also helped me to overcome the tragic disappointment of another week with a non-Napoleonic teaser. That is two in a row. We are *so* hard done by.

Re: Hät industries

James Fisher I believe you mean SWMBO - I'm not sure what SHMBO means.

Back to the original post - there is also an unofficial Hat Industries Facebook Group.

Re: Hät industries

Steve, don't you spell who with an 'h'?
Yeah, stuffed up there, d@mn!

Re: Hät industries

Although our hosts were always very tolerant regarding other manufacturers subjects, they made perfectly clear that they do not wish further Hät promotion at their site.
No big deal, since this company runs its own forum (as we surely all know)... .

Re: Hät industries

Thank you all, it was just a question and hope Strelets didn't feel offended, as it is written upsides that we should feel free to talk about every aspect of 1/72 scale. My mistake, I didn't read the discussion Peter the Great reported. Renewed thanks to all who answered.