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Re: Future FFL sets?

Dear Mr. Strelets,

Are there any more French Foreign Legion sets (maybe heavy weapons/artillery, mule train, at camp, in fatigue (un)dress - shirt without capote) planned for this year?

Thanks in advance
Yes, I'm interested to know also, please.

" ... in fatigue (un)dress - shirt without capote ... ". I'd love to see a set of these eventually which could be used for garrison duty and defending fort walls from the enemy and at camp.

Thank you in advance - GC

Re: Future FFL sets?

Re: Future FFL sets?

Mon Dieu! :grinning:

Re: Future FFL sets?

Thank you so much Strelets! :grinning:

Anybody building a 1940/41 Greek army, or Jewish troops for the 1948 war, will need those guns. Handy as well for Chinese, and of course French of both World Wars.

Closing another gap in the plastic artillery collection!

Re: Future FFL sets?

Yes excellent news. This is a great addition to the 20th century artillery range in Braille.
I hope Strelets will consider releasing this gun with other crews too such as those mentioned already in this thread. Especially a WW1 French Chasseurs Alpins crew would be very nice. This gun was also supplied to Serbia after 1915 so perhaps a late WW1 Serb Artillery crew could be considered too.

Re: Future FFL sets?

Thank you Strelets for posting the fine Box Art!

And thank you also, Pa for posting the interesting link of vintage film.

I can't wait to buy this great, new set!