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What kind of work table do you use for your Hobby?

Moving to new home and have opportunity to get a nice work table for painting soldiers. Suggestions please; this is really funny,but I just realized that the wife will want to give away the computer desk I'm sitting at so please change this topic to "Improving an old desk" for storing paint bottles etc. I was also wondering what sort of surface people paint and cut on. Working over newspaper is a pain because it can slip around. I was thinking about using some sort of desk blotter with corners to hold the paper,maybe large disposable calendar pages, but after a while glue and scatter terrain make paper unusable. Spice racks for storing paint jars?



Re: What kind of work table do you use for your Hobby?

Hello Bob,

i use an old kitchen table.

But i have bought some of this Hobby Zone-Organising-Moduls and two good LED-Lamps for my modelling-table.

Maybe an idea for your "new table-project":

Best regards


Re: What kind of work table do you use for your Hobby?

As a surface for cutting on, I think just about everyone uses the self healing cutting mats available from any hobby shop or probably most stationary supply shops. As the name suggests, you can cut on these mats without leaving score marks. The material heals itself to preserve the flat surface:

Dropping glue or paint on the cutting mats will ruin the flat surface however so it's best to reserve them just for cutting.

For painting and gluing your desk blotter sounds like a great idea. I think I might get one of the office blotters with the pad of disposable blotting paper; when the surface is too messy just peel it off to reveal the fresh sheet below. I suppose you could slide a plastic sheet under the top page to make sure there's no seepage.

Re: What kind of work table do you use for your Hobby?

I use a rather large, heavy, wooden office desk purchased at a surplus office supply store. In the center is one of those self healing mats already mentioned. It's a big one, and I have a couple small ones on top of it for most of the actual work to preserve the surface of the large mat for big projects. My computer is also on the desk.

Paints and tools and such are in the drawers.

I have good lighting in the room but I also have a floor mounted OTT light when I need a little extra light.

Good luck on your project.

Mike Bunkermeister Creek
Bunker Talk blog

Re: What kind of work table do you use for your Hobby?

I use a drafting table for my hobby bench / work table. It has a steel frame, glass top 40 x 24 inches, and stool with foot rests, or I'll roll over my desk's office chair for comfort during all day projects. It has a glass top so paint and glue can be scraped off with a nylon scraper. I use old file folders to paint and cut on then throw away after each project.

I enjoyed architectural drafting in my school days (before computers) and then I used to do actual hand drafting of maps before CAD. So pretty much for light work such as this hobby, I'm most comfortable at a drafting table.

Another benefit, drafting tables today are inexpensive. I paid less than $100 for the set brand new delivered to my door. Plus it is light yet stable. I store supplies in Sterilite plastic drawers on either side, which are inexpensive also with more smaller plastic storage cases inside. Best of all, it's all modular and easy to move anywhere in my house when I want to rearrange our furnishings.

Below is a link to ebay for someone selling different styles. I'd be happy with anyone one of these styles. Also, no one should pay more than $85 - $110 for a set. These same sets are sold by multiple sellers and some of them are ridiculously high, so spend plenty of time shopping online for whatever kind of workstation you want - drafting table, architect table, office desk, 5-8 foot folding table, dining table ... they will all work depending on your needs.

Bon chance - GC

Re: What kind of work table do you use for your Hobby?

My recommendations:

1. Self healing cutting mat

2. Technical lamp (preferably two) for which I recommend LED bulbs (somewhere from 13W to 15W and from 4200K to 6000K)

3. An MDF paint rack or a nail polish rack (you can also make your own, for example:

Re: What kind of work table do you use for your Hobby?

Think about your own comfort,posture etc.