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Re: Heading for a week-end

Yes there is a lot of speculation as to how they will be delivered and opinions on how they should be ideally released. I've put in my contribution on this debate earlier in this thread and in another thread. Unfortunately, Strelets seem to be being a bit tight lipped about this and have so far not responded to my direct questions. All part of the fun I suppose but I'm finding it a bit frustrating. I expect there are also people who never wanted the bonus Streltsi and don't want civilians at all and would prefer more poses in the set.

Re: Heading for a week-end

Time for a walk:

or a fag:

or just for some rest:

Have a nice one, gentlemen!

Best regards,

Great figures nice to see a lot more individualism and character and great civilian figures as well to complement the era !!!!

I guess it wont be long till we see complete civilian era packs as well as supply trains to compliment the brilliant new sculpts??????

Well done strelets