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Re: евзан гвардейский Evzan Guard

I would also like Greek troops very much.
I hope they can be launched to complement my conversions that you can see in the link below.


Re: евзан гвардейский Evzan Guard

Great figures Jaques. I'd also like to see the Evzan in parade dress.

Re: евзан гвардейский Evzan Guard

Balkan troops, specially romanians and greeks, would be awesome. The french infantry in summer dress can cover a part of greek soldiers during the greek turkish war, but we still need evzones and other troops to cover wars happened in the Balkans that have been so decisive and important for the history of Europe.

Re: евзан гвардейский Evzan Guard

Some more Serb sets especially for 1914/15 as well as Bulgarians would also be very good.
It would certainly be great to see Strelets expand their WW1 range to cover Balkan armies properly- something that no other manufacturer has done to date.