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Hair today, gone tomorrow

Wayne W

I am really concerned that all those figures need haircuts. I know troops wore their hair longer than many modern armies but that hair touching their collars really upsets me. I might just have to swallow hard and buy them anyway because they are so beautifully done in every other way. I can even forgive them having carbines - after all they might be detached from their main regiment. Just spitballing here.:wink:

Wayne, have you ever considered the process of cutting hair in the past?

Scissors have been around at least 2000 years but they looked more like sheep shearing implements than what we are used to today. In terms of soldiers' haircuts, I would assume a pair of such shears may not always have been obtainable & the oldest method of cutting hair - grab a hank of hair and use a knife to saw through - would have been the common (& painful) alternative.

There's a reason early barbers were tasked with surgery: in either task, they probably both drew blood.

So scruffy hair would have been the norm on campaign. Please don't get me started on shaving.....

Re: Hair today, gone tomorrow

It still bothers me. I won't even start on the way they're holding their noses... :wink: