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Re: Need Forum Friend's Advice, Please

Paint dog
I\'m discovering I\'ve lost track of what I actually have in my collection.

From time to time, you must open a box & receive an unexpected pleasure when you see something you\'ve forgotten you have.

Lucky man.
Dear Paint dog,

Yes, that surprise is not far from the truth! :smile:

Your Wargaming style list is most helpful. I like the mix of Periods/Eras yet having separate subjects such as ACW. I like to spend a little time on each activity each day or week, but not dig too deep so I will enjoy doing this, and my aim is to do it only once. A day or two between efforts I find refreshes my focus and actually saves me time. As I confessed, I can suffer from "analysis paralysis" and simply waste precious free time. The recommendations all of you so kindly gave me is better than any I got in my school days!

OK, have a great weekend and enjoy your hobby, too!