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Re: Prussian uhlans


Magnificent stuff, Strelets, keep it up.

Re: Prussian uhlans

If I had been asked in 2000 if there would be any good Prussian figures in 1:72 after REVELL withdrew from this business, I would clearly have replied "No".

And today I look with enthusiasm at these great Prussian Uhlans... :heart_eyes:

Wonderful work..

I urgently need new colors :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Re: Prussian uhlans

Very happy if the Streltsi get replaced by civilians as I think they have run their course. However, I hope any civilians will match the era of the troops, no point giving me napoleonic civilians with a WWII set as I'll just throw them away, similarly I'm not going to buy a napoleonic set just to get one or two civilians for an era I do collect.