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Re: Prussian uhlans

Interesting to see the grazing horse, only the second I can think of in 1/72 plastics. From my own admittedly modest experience of horse riding, ie sitting-on-a horse-without-falling-off, I got the impression that this is by far the animal's own favourite pose.

Re: Prussian uhlans

Are the horses a bit short in the neck still?
That's what I thought as well. Apart from the horses' necks, this is brilliant sculpting.

I also like the idea of having civilians instead of the Streletsi.

Kudos to Strelets!

Re: Prussian uhlans and civilians

Wow at last !!!!
Some really nice figures and horses ....and hopefully these will be the new additions to every new sets instead of the streletsi !!!
Glad to see my suggestion used at last!

Plus giving the cavalry/soldiers more normal poses was great,now if only we can have some laden down with "acquired" baggage .....and better yet pack animals/supply trains with generic loads for different eras.

So glad to see the improvement in our hobby and the quality of work from strelets they are creating diversity in figures and extending the options available to us all I was over the moon when I saw these new civilians there is a new dawn approaching thankyou again Strelets
Please can we have supply trains
More civilians or at least 1 or 2 in each new box
Paratroopers all countries
Lrdg and axis equivalents
Armed irregulars all eras

Well done strelets !!!!!

Re: Prussian uhlans

Bravo Strelets!

Wonderful sculpting of convincingly natural poses for both horses and riders alike. Just what I like! I'm particularly pleased with the sculpting progress Strelets are making with their horses, their very early figures not meeting this kind of excellent standard.

Re: Prussian uhlans


Magnificent stuff, Strelets, keep it up.

Re: Prussian uhlans

If I had been asked in 2000 if there would be any good Prussian figures in 1:72 after REVELL withdrew from this business, I would clearly have replied "No".

And today I look with enthusiasm at these great Prussian Uhlans... :heart_eyes:

Wonderful work..

I urgently need new colors :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Re: Prussian uhlans

Very happy if the Streltsi get replaced by civilians as I think they have run their course. However, I hope any civilians will match the era of the troops, no point giving me napoleonic civilians with a WWII set as I'll just throw them away, similarly I'm not going to buy a napoleonic set just to get one or two civilians for an era I do collect.