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Re: Uniform regulations

I believe that the Highland regiments were allowed two pipers to be on the strength as drummers. That is two drummers of the grenadier company could actually be pipers but they were listed and paid (and, can we assume, uniformed) as drummers. Any additional pipers would have to be privately funded.

C.E. Franklin has the drummers jacket of the 79th in 1814 as being dark green with white collar and red cuffs with a white fringe but the illustration of said jacket is labelled as 1805-1812 so 1814 might be a misprint.

The other Highland regiments with green facings were the 73rd and 94th, both of whom lost highland distinction in 1809 and the 97th who were disbanded in 1795. There seems to be no record of drummers uniforms for these regiments apart from an example of drummers lace for the 94th; red, white & green; and a record of the lace for sergeants, drummers and pipers of the 97th being silver. Reversed colours seem quite possible.

I think Donald might be right about reversed colours not surviving till the time of Waterloo. At least I hope he's right because I painted pipers in red jackets and it didn't even occur to me until recently to check if that was correct.

Franklin says that in 1812 the colour of drummers jackets in all line regiments changed to red with the exception of the foot guards and royal regiments who retained scarlet; but his uniform plates for several regiments have reverse colour drummer jackets labelled as being in use until 1815 so perhaps there is some ambiguity, or perhaps the regulations weren't universally adhered to or perhaps it's just dodgy proof reading. Records for drummers uniforms seem to be a bit sketchy and I haven't seen any actual records for pipers uniforms (granted my resources are severely limited) so I don't think a green coated piper is going to worry me too much.

Anyway Gerd, I think your highlanders look terrific, soldiers standing at attention are not my favourite thing but seeing them so nicely painted does make them very attractive.:slightly_smiling_face:
Graeme, thanks for joining in with your excellent post. I am glad to "pick your brain" & learn a little on what is a fascinating subject.


Re: Uniform regulations

If I may interject here; I have learned from this discussion. I was unaware of a change in the regulation concerning regimental musicians in the British Army as many of my references showed the older format. So it's always educational to follow these threads - even if it means I have a lot of repainting to do. LOL