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Strelets Napoleonics get near perfect scores

With Strelets giving us a bit of a break from previews of coming figures it affords time to catch up on their recent work, as Plastic Soldier Review is doing.

It was interesting to see near perfect scores given to two of the recently released Napoleonic sets, the Russian infantry order arms and Highlanders shoulder arms.

Comments such as,

"While the pose is simple and relatively easy to reproduce, it has been done with consummate skill and the result is great. If others can produce a slightly sharper result then at any distance the difference is impossible to see, and irrelevant if they are painted, so these are great figures by the standard of any manufacturer" for the former and,

"In the main this is a cracking set that will surely delight anyone with an interest in such men, and once again marks a major improvement in quality from this manufacturer",

for the latter are high praise indeed.

Particularly as it comes from a site that I have previously found to have an apparent anti-Strelets bias, downgrading figures that I thought were beaut, largely on the basis of the style, while giving less attractive (as far as I am concerned), more 'wooden' figures produced by others unbridled praise and far better scores.

Don't get me wrong, I love what Plastic Soldier Review have done and continue to do. It is the first port of call when wanting to see what is available for a period/army/troop type in our scale and to find out what is in a set and to get an idea of the figures included. I do though take the ratings with at least a few grains of NaCl, looking at the pictures, description of the figures and reasons for the scores to make up my own mind about a purchase.

Perhaps no more? For these recent releases at least it seems that Plastic Soldier Review and I will be of one mind. I cannot wait to get my hot little hands on them, hopefully this week (unless the postal service has gone completely haywire).

Re: Strelets Napoleonics get near perfect scores

Hello James,

you have described it very well...

From my point of view, STRELETS has improved a lot in the proportions and attitudes of the new figures in 2017-2019.

And that's why the figures of STRELETS belong to the premium league for me today.