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Re: Nearly Week-End

Hi Alan.

My last order a few weeks ago was for all of the new Napoleonic sets that strelets released (118 Boxes), So I for one still like to buy lots of sets as I like to complete my units when they get released due to missing out on some sets before. I also just love large units and all of the same pose. My French divisions are 12 Battalions strong with 36 man battalions.

I agree about the storage problem many of my sets are still boxed and will probably be sold when I pop my clogs. I have a large table in my loft so I have the space for dioramas that i spend days setting up and then dismantle in minutes.

I hope the new cavalry being planned have multiples of each pose rather than their old style of individual poses

I too see the merit of complementary metal figures and raised this in a recent pose about Newline figures. I also love the small diorama figures like the early Napoleonic camp sets and the pioneer sets,

I wish i hadn't picked up that first box of Napoleonic Lancers from Esci way back in the 80's that's how it all started to go wrong.


Re: Nearly Week-End

The civilians are from a Les Miserables set and will come with the libretto or book. In this instance Jean Valjean and Madame Thénardier maybe.
OK that little book by Tolstoy could be the inspiration as well. War and Peace(2016 TV version) is still on the BBC Iplayer or DVD for non UK.