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Question to Strelets

Hi and sorry for asking again,

but when i first asked some time ago, i've been more specific regarding the timespan. So again: If there's no chance for the muslim archers (& the crossbowmen) in the near future, is there any chance at a much later point? Or are they completely out of business?

I'm asking cause i need good ranged infantry sets and this would have fit perfect. If you really would agree to do your old set of dismounted mongols new (like asked in another thread), there would be space.
If you just want to avoid the effort for recherche which is needed for new muslim archers for themselfes, i can do reliable recherche.

Best regards,

Re: Question to Strelets

You can buy them on eBay.

Re: Question to Strelets

Yevgen Chernov
You can buy them on eBay.

No. Well i can get one sprue, but i need much more.

The muslim archers are more important to me than the crossbowmen, from which i at least have one set - and yes, i can buy the crossbowmen for relatively less money for an unavailable set at least.

By the way, now Strelets started some WSS sets: Do you have my begging about some more (& new) Grenadiers using grenades kept in mind? I've seen one in the british set.

I also heard about Mars-Company being not a favourite cause of uniformity issues - so, do you think swedish thirty years war figures and so on would be something to look at?

A set with artillery with just one "leather gun" like they had would make more sense, i think - the buyer has the fun about the model but also reliable artillery models.