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Re: Strelets Puts "Fun" Into The Hobby

Another factor is that Strelet is prepared to do different sets rather that churning out the typical 'Waffen SS tank riders (set 56) eating sausage and sauer***** on the Russian front' etc so beloved by certain manufacturers.

Pity that the plastic model cannot follow Strelets example and be more adventurous. Look back at what was produced by the likes of Revell, Matchbox, Heller and Frog and its amazing what you could get.

Lest we forget

I'm going to disagree with GC's proposition.

This is not me trying to be contrary or to challenge GC's wonderful enthusiasm or even to denigrate Strelets, but because I think the "fun" has never been missing - at least for me.

It's a hobby so by definition it is fun. The various plastic & metal manufacturers over the decades of my interest in the hobby, have produced figures that overwhelmingly added to my enjoyment. And, as figures last forever (I hope....) that's "fun" that's never gone away.

I freely admit Strelets are currently the best manufacturer of 1/72 figures. Their past performance also delighted me. As did HaT, Zvesda, Caesar et al.

So kudos to Strelets. And to all the others as well.So I say the "fun" isn't back. It never went away.