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Re: Nearly Week-End

Wow ... still more civiians! Wonderful!
Presume and hope that we will see an entire set of civilians, probably civilians of the 18th century.

Many thanks for your wonderful figures. I received yesterday your Marlburian sets and I have to say, that really all figures are perfect with very well choosen poses. 10 points in all possible categories for Strelets!

Hope to see in the next batch of sets also 2 or 3 french or austrian Marlburians....

Re: Nearly Week-End

Fantastic !!!

I need more time....

Not for holidays...just for painting Strelets wonderful figures... :heart_eyes: :wink:

Re: Nearly Week-End

Great figures Strelets nice that you concentrating on Prussian cavalry sets now I cant wait to see these in the shops.

Re: Nearly Week-End

Marvelous civilians. I shall be buying lots of these long-awaited, figures.
Just as I predicted with your WSS (Lace-Wars) models, your new figures will be well received.
Not just by Diorama-modellers, like me, but I can see a niche for War-gamers. e.g. Advancing troops obstructed by refugees on the road. Throw a six to bar the way and the opponent misses a turn. Is that how it works?

it doesn't matter how many times that you appease we Modellers by granting our requests you will still be asked for more, (They have to have opponents and allies) as you can see with your British for the WSS range. You are already being pestered for the opposing and Allied Armies.

I would like to see more for the WWI Middle East theatre because you have whetted my appetite and I've got all the sets you have produced so far. (I need more camels).

Now you are teasing us with tye long-awaited civilians.
Expect a lot of requests for civilians of other eras and theatres.
You have already produced some Napoleonics (French Army Camp; Your first set) and now you are producing the Napoleonic Low-Landers.

How about WWI refugees.

It may be too early to ask you but for many years I been hoping for Naval personnel; Particularly Napoleonic and WWI.

One thing that I have noticed on your forum is that there is a lot of like-minded enthusiasts and one can leave it to others to request items of interest. So I can leave it to Alan to chase up the LRDG. Once you have made them you will be sure to be asked for the raggedly dressed Italians of the North African Campaign.

Re: Nearly Week-End

Thanks Strelets. I particularly like the Prussians getting into some pot-valiance.

Re: Nearly Week-End

Have a word with the sculptor, the grenade is way to big and for the wrong era....apart from that very good.

Re: Nearly Week-End

Exciting pictures! What a great way to start a weekend. I am looking forward to these sets.

Re: Nearly Week-End

Civilians look great, and very useful.

I'll also buy the Prussian cavalry when they appear in the shops

Re: Nearly Week-End

Nice one Alan, on 'message' and unprompted this time. It did not go unnoticed and brought a broad smile!

Re: Nearly Week-End

Prussian cavalry and more civilian fugures - every Friday gets better!

Re: Nearly Week-End

Hi Mr. Strelets
I Wish you and your Team a Good Year 2020.
The New Figure Masters are very Nice. I will buy Thema all.
I am a Collector of your Figures (I have all there of you).
I Hope you will make Roman Late Antique Figures.


Re: Nearly Week-End

Masters are goods...but I prefer figures that fighting or on moviment...

Re: Nearly Week-End

Marco Zappa
Masters are goods...but I prefer figures that fighting or on moviment...
Yes I agree we need to have Dragoons with sword in hand as well, they do not have to be slashing cutting in exaggerated fashion but do need to look like they are ready to fight on the battlefield.

Wargammers buy large amounts of figures to build regiments of cavalry and you can not make up regiment of cavalry who are drinking schnaps and eating sausages, so it's nice to see a few different figures such as these but do remember that this is a fighting force after all.

Having said all that these are very nice figures.

Re: Nearly Week-End

I am not convinced wargamers are buying so many these days, how big are your tables ??. There has been a steady shift within our hobby over the last decade or so, Strelets seem to be the last plastics churning out sets regularly, all the others are dormant or semi dormant as far as new sets are concerned. The quality metal and resin guys who do quality over quantity seem to be going from strength to strength,some of the figures in fact most are stunning, and that in part is about material, but also about changing technology 3d and 3d printers, CAD etc. If Wargamers were the bulk market they think they are there would be more injection moulded plastic manufacturers churning out new sets. Buying behavior I suspect has changed, mine certainly has , these figures the cavalry and civilians are a breath of fresh air and appeal to the small diorama builder rather than the guys with the big battalions on wargames tables , many of whom cannot have any room left on those tables to maneuver.

Re: Nearly Week-End

Hi Alan.

My last order a few weeks ago was for all of the new Napoleonic sets that strelets released (118 Boxes), So I for one still like to buy lots of sets as I like to complete my units when they get released due to missing out on some sets before. I also just love large units and all of the same pose. My French divisions are 12 Battalions strong with 36 man battalions.

I agree about the storage problem many of my sets are still boxed and will probably be sold when I pop my clogs. I have a large table in my loft so I have the space for dioramas that i spend days setting up and then dismantle in minutes.

I hope the new cavalry being planned have multiples of each pose rather than their old style of individual poses

I too see the merit of complementary metal figures and raised this in a recent pose about Newline figures. I also love the small diorama figures like the early Napoleonic camp sets and the pioneer sets,

I wish i hadn't picked up that first box of Napoleonic Lancers from Esci way back in the 80's that's how it all started to go wrong.


Re: Nearly Week-End

The civilians are from a Les Miserables set and will come with the libretto or book. In this instance Jean Valjean and Madame Thénardier maybe.
OK that little book by Tolstoy could be the inspiration as well. War and Peace(2016 TV version) is still on the BBC Iplayer or DVD for non UK.