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Re: Napoleonic Country Colours

James Fisher

How small are the French flags? They were only 800 x 800 mm^2 for the infantry, so around 10 x 10 (11 x 11) mm^2 at our scale. Strelets have been getting the size of the flags pretty right recently. Austrian flags were a lot larger (I'd have to check Rawkins' uniform book to remind myself of the dimensions).


Hi James
The dimensions match what said what you should be I was just a bit shocked when I saw them against the Austrian flags. I have learned something new today as I didn't realise their was such a large difference in size between nations, so thanks for that info.

The sculpting of the set reminds me of one of my favourite sets done by another company who did a young guard in greatcoats. I thing they will look great together on the table.