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Dioramas with flying airplanes suggestions

I once saw a diorama with airplane models balanced on clear plastic glasses. The only other alternative I can think of is suspending the airplanes from the ceiling with screw eyes and clear fishing line. I've seen some nice clear plastic display stands for airplanes; I just don't know what kind of material to buy/cut into the desired shape. I would like to display a C-47 towing a Waco glider for a diorama..suggestions are appreciated.



Re: Dioramas with flying airplanes suggestions

Hello, Bob, dioramas aren't my thing. For wargaming WW2, the issue is to be able to move the plane, so I put up with a stand that is not "invisible".

Scroll down to the Spitfire: I've scratchbuilt this type of thing using coathanger wire, painted green. Having a sturdy base that *won't* easily allow the plane to tip - disaster- is important. I use terrained hard wood.
Some people need their planes to dive or climb and use telescoping aerial. See:

These are very visible, of course.

Now your problem is different. Invisibility is the key. If your diorama has a roof, it would be easy to suspend the model using fishing line. Otherwise, a solution, not unlike mine (above) using clear perspex rods is about the only answer.

You can buy them ready made (search using google for something in your area) or buy the rods & scratch build.

Yeah, you can see them but really, the viewer will discount this as he/she looks at your great models in their diorama.