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Re: First Friday of 2020

Thanks for sharing the first preview in 2020! :+1:
Strelets starts quite strong with this promising Brunswick Hussar.
And, even better, some Civilians cheering them on the way to their embarkment 1809 or Quatre Bras 1815.
The Civilians could prove extremely useful for a longer period & can be placed in Flanders, the Netherlands and wide parts of northern Germany.

Re: First Friday of 2020

I believe this is a Prussian Uhlan Officer of the Lützow Free Corps

He would also make a fine Brunswick Hussar officer

Re: First Friday of 2020

Very nice...

I think it is one of Lützows men.

They did not operate like a regular army, but rather like partisans. Therefore, they needed the support of the population.

Great idea !