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Re: Mongol cavalry ?

Yes loved to have Light Mongol, mounted and dismounted

Mongol camp with warriors in mongol wrestling, Mongol Lady in party, shooting contest...

Re: Mongol cavalry ?

Yeah! My Gers are empty - no life in the camp. But it's always hard to get 'civil' figures except about WW-stuff.
Who will offer to Tengri for a victory with no such figures? Mongols are winners, so Strelets is forced to do a set :innocent:

Re: Mongol cavalry ?

Camp life sounds great but let's get the basics done first. In particular,lots of horse archers and resculpted dismounted warriors. I would have thought siege weapons and their operators would also be high up the list.

Re: Mongol cavalry ?

Totally agreeing that the lack of suitable figures regarding 13th century mongol invasions is indeed another major gap in 1/72 plastics.
Although the Zvezda & Italeri sets are quite decent, there is still an obvious demand for figures representing the bulk of mongolian troops.
2 sets basic horse archers & regular horsemen, 1 set revised foot warriors and maybe 1 set of siege troops would allow a multitude of new possibilities. :wink: :sweat_smile:

Re: Mongol cavalry ?

Artillery ... so i don't just need to use models from non-manufacturer producers which coincidentally make artillery models i can use. Especially Figures using this siege & field engines will be fine.

Regarding to standard figures i miss poses which refer to the statet narratives: If a mongol falls from his horse, he begins to shoot around himself with his bow immediately.

Or poses whih show how a light horseman wield his hooked lance.
I especially like the Zvezda pose of a man having his lance thrown over at his back whilst using a bow, that could be done for a non-armoured rider too.