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Re: Mongol cavalry ?

I'm interested in this Far-East Asia subject matter too, particularly the 12th-13th centuries. There are already several good Mongol cavalry sets from Zvezda and Italeri but the main problem with them is the heavy cavalry bias when most classic Mongol cavalry were light horse archers. HaT made a set of Hun light cavalry that could easily be converted to Mongols but they were giantly over-sized and not compatible with other Mongol sets and their opponents.

So, yes, I'd like to see a well-sculpted Mongol light horse archer set but I also wish Strelets would retool the dismounted Mongols in the new high quality because that was a very poor set - flat, shallow, terrible anatomy and silly ballet-dancer poses.

Re: Mongol cavalry ?

Although not an army that I would collect personally, not sure I could stomach painting so many horses, it is, like the Byzantines,such a historically important army that it is amazing that it has not been properly represented in 1/72nd. I'm sure it would be a big seller.

Re: Mongol cavalry ?


yes, there are a lot of weapons, poses, details, facts and so on i have in mind.

If it's just this lacking that no company does something i could help with info. What's available is - as mentioned - almost all in good quality but not very balanced, so not really representative. There's so much possible without getting to 'crazy'.

Re: Mongol cavalry ?

Yes loved to have Light Mongol, mounted and dismounted

Mongol camp with warriors in mongol wrestling, Mongol Lady in party, shooting contest...

Re: Mongol cavalry ?

Yeah! My Gers are empty - no life in the camp. But it's always hard to get 'civil' figures except about WW-stuff.
Who will offer to Tengri for a victory with no such figures? Mongols are winners, so Strelets is forced to do a set :innocent:

Re: Mongol cavalry ?

Camp life sounds great but let's get the basics done first. In particular,lots of horse archers and resculpted dismounted warriors. I would have thought siege weapons and their operators would also be high up the list.

Re: Mongol cavalry ?

Totally agreeing that the lack of suitable figures regarding 13th century mongol invasions is indeed another major gap in 1/72 plastics.
Although the Zvezda & Italeri sets are quite decent, there is still an obvious demand for figures representing the bulk of mongolian troops.
2 sets basic horse archers & regular horsemen, 1 set revised foot warriors and maybe 1 set of siege troops would allow a multitude of new possibilities. :wink: :sweat_smile:

Re: Mongol cavalry ?

Artillery ... so i don't just need to use models from non-manufacturer producers which coincidentally make artillery models i can use. Especially Figures using this siege & field engines will be fine.

Regarding to standard figures i miss poses which refer to the statet narratives: If a mongol falls from his horse, he begins to shoot around himself with his bow immediately.

Or poses whih show how a light horseman wield his hooked lance.
I especially like the Zvezda pose of a man having his lance thrown over at his back whilst using a bow, that could be done for a non-armoured rider too.