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Re: Happy New Year!

Quite certain that we will all find umpteen opportunities to share our never ending wish lists time and time again (at least I will :sweat_smile: ).

Wishing all readers and the Strelets team a happy new year, good health and a successful 2020!

Thanks for the numerous joyful moments throughout this and previous years and let's hope that Strelets will keep us busy with further figures for many years to come!

Very nice previews again, looks like a civilian set might be in progress?! :+1:
Keep up your great work, I truly hope it will be rewarded appropriately.

Re: Happy New Year!

happy and safe new year to the strelets team

Re: Happy New Hogmanay!

The maddest, gladdest day of the year.

May all your problems be small ones (de-spruing figures?) and may many of your delights also be small ones (more Strelets' figures).


Re: Happy New Year!

By Strelets: "Dear friends,

we were very glad to have you all on this forum, and we hope, that it will remain the case in the forthcoming year and decade as well.
Despite all our efforts to undermine it, we still wish you all prosperity and good health to cope with all our past, present and future endeavours.
Also we wish patience to impatient, as sometimes all you have to do is just seat and wait ... "

Dearest Strelets Team,

Eloquently said above! In fact, it makes my eyes a little weepy to have to " ... wave goodbye to 2019." As for me, all of the Team's hard work and efforts helped keep that youthful excitement alive in me for yet another whole year. Your Forum and your Teaser Pictures brought me pure joy and excitement every day and every week all year long. Thank you, Strelets Team!

And to all Forum Members,

Happy New Year and thank you for so graciously answering my questions about world history throughout the year. Your sharing here makes The Art and Science of Collecting 1/72 Military Figurines all that much more educational, enjoyable and satisfying!

- GC

Re: Happy New Year!

Wishing Strelets, and everyone here, a happy and prosperous New Year

Re: Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, Strelets Team!!

Thank you for making many Toy Soldier dreams come true in 2019. Looking forward to what 2020 brings :-)

Best regards,

Re: Happy New Year!

Best wishes to everyone and I hope you all have a safe and happy New Year, Its three hours to the bells in Scotland where nearly all Scots will run about like headless chickens kissing total strangers. As a teetotaler now its shameful behavior but was fun at the time.

to Strelets thank you for keeping our hobby going on your own whilst at the same time improving the quality greatly. I hope you and all your staff are all safe and have a very happy 2020.

can you please put Alan out of his misery and do some nice LRDG and Afrika Korp he has been very patient and has kept his sense of humour whilst we Nappy fans are being spoiled rotten.

best wishes from Scotland


Re: Happy New Year!

Happy new year to everyone.

Were ever you are..

Re: Happy New Year!

Tank you and best wishes to you dear team Strelets as well as you all.

Re: Happy New Year!

Wishing all a Happy and Blessed New Year!

Re: Happy New Year!

A Very Happy New Year to Strelets for all the many excellent sets of figures they have produced and A Very Happy New Year to all the contributors to the forum which make this such a wonderful hobby.

Re: Happy New Year!

Thank you Strelets for all your hard work!
Wishing you and all fellow collectors a happy and healthy New Year! Cappy

Re: Happy New Year!

Gosh Strelets, the New Year is still quite young for some and yet to arrive for others but you have already provided us with more lovely masters to gawp at. The first of many, given that marvellous list of coming sets.

Any undermining of our prosperity is well and truly overshadowed by increasing our enjoyment of life with your 1/72nd beauties!!

All the best for 2020 to all of you at Strelets and to all who visit and/or comment on the forum.


Re: Happy New Year!

Continued success in the coming year!

Re: Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Strelets! I'm sure you have lots of good things in store for us but I hope 2020 also brings good things to you.

And a Happy New Year to all the forum members, I hope this is the year your dream set appears.

Re: Happy New Year!

Health and happiness to you all !

Re: Happy New Year!

Ooooohhh, Dutch civilians? Shiny! Happy new year everybody.

Re: Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to Strelets!

Looking forward to another year of terrific figures from you!

Re: Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to You !!
Felice anno nuovo a tutti voi.