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Re: 2020-the year of Prussian cavalry

Dear Graeme,

kindly note, that back then we were discussing Landwehr, not Uhlans, hence we couldn't say, that uhlans were Linear's project.

Best regards,


Re: 2020-the year of Prussian cavalry

An apparently inexhaustible & steady flow of stunning hobby-news and fresh figures keeps us constantly excited & busy over the last years.
The main source for this clearly is the amazing productivity of the Strelets team. :+1:

Extremely happy that Strelets will handle 1813-15 Prussian Cavalry now.
As numerous hobbyists indicated for many years, the relevant Hät & Italeri sets are quite poor.
Strelets will unquestionably be capable to create a range of appropriate figures for this essential troops finally. :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:

Re: 2020-the year of Prussian cavalry

Another fantastic surprise on the side of the latest batch of Strelets boxes which lists a number of new sets for the future.

The stand out new announcement is all the new Prussian Cavalry we already have coming Prussian Landwehr Cavalry from Linear A and now Prussian Uhlans, Prussian Dragoons and Prussian Hussars all of which are very much needed as the previous attempts have fallen short, Hat's Dragoons and Uhlans were some of their first efforts and are showing there age their Hussars are better but uninspiring and Italeri's Dragoons are othersized ugly in bizarre poses.

Hopefully Strelets will continue to give us 12 poses of Cavalry so there is room for some less energetic poses such as swords drawn sitting and waiting on their horses for the command to go forward, as well the usual poses of going through the gears to full charge.

Uniforms I would like to see are mainly Litewkas with some kollets mixed in for variation and plenty of carbines.





UHLANS These were not issued lances