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Re: Who has received the new boxes?

Gosh, yet another impressive list even before most of us get the latest sets in our hot little hands. Strelets don’t let the grass grow under their feet do they? Super stuff

Re: Who has received the new boxes?

Prussian uhlans and Prussian dragoons and Prussian hussars, that's interesting. The dragoons especially, there is a need for a good set of dragoons. There's a need for uhlans in a different uniform too.

Re: Who has received the new boxes?

I was slightly confused by the eventual title of box 249. I hadn’t expected “Confederate Infantry In Defence”. Was expecting “Confederate Infantry Firing”. Ah well figures are fine.

Re: Who has received the new boxes?

Thanks to Ian and PSR we can already have a look at Strelets prolonged plans. :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:

PSR lists the latest announcements with the following serial numbers:
203 - Austrian Grenadiers Standing Order Arms
204 - Austrian Grenadiers Standing Shoulder Arms
221 - French Infantry in Summer Dress Standing Shoulder Arms
222 - French Infantry in Summer Dress Standing Order Arms
227 - Bavarian Infantry at Attack
228 - Prussian Uhlans
229 - Prussian Dragoons
245 - Finnish Anti-Tank Squad in Summer Dress
246 - Finnish Anti-Tank Squad in Winter Dress
247 - American Anti-Tank Squad
248 - Prussian Hussars
270 - Bavarian Infantry at Ease

In addition to previously announced sets, this is another extremely pleasing outlook on some very useful & long-desired subjects.
My favourites are:
- the WWII AT-squads
Hoping for a rich and action-heavy diversity from early makeshift-solutions like Molotov cocktails, AT-rifles & Geballte Ladung/satchel charges & sticky bombs to later Faustpatrone & Panzerfausts/Bazookas. Could also imagine this set concept for other nations & theatres, like Italian & DAK AT-squads in North Africa/the Mediterranean, Soviet & German sets for the eastern front (summer & winter) but also desperate Japanese AT-methods.
- Nap. Prussian cavalry
Together with their infantry comrades (& Russians and Austrians of course) these could finally be some appropriate figures needed to overcome Napoleons reign.
- Nap. Bavarian Infantry in attack
This and further sets could also easily outperform the weak earlier attempts from another manufacturer. Hoping for more sets regarding so-called "minor" belligerents, first of all Poles, Württembergers, Brunswickers and Bavarians.

Happy days! :smile:

How far has Pickett retreated?

How far has Pickett retreated?

According to ther PSR news page - future set 222 has been renamed "French Infantry in Summer Dress Standing Order Arms".

Has he left the field of conflict altogether?