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Re: Strelets' WSS - everybody loves them

Phil Ball
I still have yet to see a single set of them in my local shop - no-one is going to buy them if they aren't widely available...
I, sadly, have given up on my LHS.

The only way I get figures now is to buy online......& you know what? Even with P&P, they're cheaper than the prices charged by my LHS.

Re: Strelets' WSS - everybody loves them

Paint dog
I've been posting links to the Strelets' WSS British figures on a couple of wargames' forums I belong to. They're both essentially "metal" (15 & 28mm) with the members not very tolerant of 1/72 plastics.....but the reaction has been overwhelmingly positive. Indeed, we may pick up a few "backsliders" as a couple of posts talk about how they'll consider buying.

Gee, *that* would be amazing Donald.

Re: Strelets' WSS - everybody loves them