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Re: It's Friday again...

Paint dog
The infamous pikemen in tricorne and breastplate!!! Now that should stir up enough historical debate again until the new year. Look out for those rocks flying overhead Strelets. :joy: :joy: :joy:
I don't game "Imaginations" but it's quite a big genre in wargaming.

I daresay some will use these figures in their imaginary C17th armies.

Indeed nice figures which can been used for fantasy wargames, eventually too as swedish or after a tricorne-swap for the troops of the League of Augsburg.
All others words were already said .... wish all of us a peaceful christmas

Re: It's Friday again...

"All others words were already said .... wish all of us a peaceful christmas"

Ma, che cos 'ho detto? :grinning:

....has Peace broken out? Hooray!

Merry Christmas & a Happy Hogmanay to you, too.


Re: It's Friday again...

there is a uniform plate by Lucien Rousselet that shows this type of pikemen !!

Re: It's Friday again...

Thank You Strelets !! This soldiers will be good for me... I'll change some boxes ...swap the tricorns in slouch hats and i'll use they for the first years of the war. Buone feste amici.

Re: It's Friday again...

Great looking new Masterpieces, Strelets Team. The New Year 2020 promises to be another year of really enjoyable 1/72 historical figurine collecting.

I wish all of you and your loved ones a Very Happy Holidays and Wonderful New Year. And a further Thank You for all the enjoyment throughout 2019 for hosting a most enjoyable Forum! - GC

Re: It's Friday again...

I want those pikes for ancient macedonians! This will be the pinnacle of mastering plastic figures !!