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Re: Wargaming the WSS

I own all the rules by Daniel Mersey as they are really fun and straitforward to play. But I use them mostly for smaller engagements and skirmishes with 28mm miniatures, although I may try a game with the Rebels and Patriots.

With Strelets WSS range I wanted to go for something bigger and more directly suited for this conflict. I was also thinking to maybe try the Black Powder 2nd edition that recently supplemented my old 1st one, as I never used the rules for WSS.

Re: Wargaming the WSS


Our group has likewise been inspired to do WSS as a project. Each raising a contingent.

The rules we are considering are Honours of War. Its designed for 7YW. Also part of the Osprey series. There is a variant for WSS on the associated forum.

Black PowderII also a faourite and we may try Maurice.

Let us know how you get on.