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Re: Shooting Munchkins

I'm also enjoying the new ACW figures Strelets are releasing. My only criticism of this set is that the crutch of the pants on many seems to be a little too baggy. Makes the figures look like they have short legs and pants that are several sizes too big.

I'd also like to know what other ACW sets may be in works for the coming year. There was a hint to some more unique sets. We still don't have a confederate cavalry set to compliment the Union one and at least getting a set of Western / Iron Brigade figures, Union in Greatcoats, a more appropriate ACW Zouave set and also a Confederate Command Foot set would be great.

Earlier in the year there was a hint from Strelets of other sets with differing Union uniforms

and the suggestions from nearly a year ago now
where Strelets made the following comment. "Without going in too much detail, we can assure you, that at least some of the requested sets will see the light in the not so distant future."
This firing line set is the only one thus far to be presented from those requested. It would be great if we could get an update as to what others may be coming and when. Many thanks.:blush:

Re: Shooting Munchkins

While I mostly deal with the eastern theater of campaigns, I would love to see a western line/iron brigade set. I think it would stir a lot of interest in that area of the war and spur new campaigns amongst gamers…..

Re: Shooting Munchkins

Hmm...Iron brigade eh?Good thinking.