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Austrian grenadiers shouldering winter

I'm looking forward to high-fiving the officer.

I like the range of headress and subtle but useful range of poses. Thanks Strelets.

Re: Austrian grenadiers shouldering winter

Great looking troops I hope Strelets will make more sets of Austrians not just Grenadiers but the line infantry, Grenzers & the Landwehr as well.

Re: Austrian grenadiers shouldering winter

Me too, Landwehr and Grenzers would be very cool.

Re: Austrian grenadiers shouldering winter

I second that motion! Both in greatcoats and in regular uniform. One set each with shako and helmet would be nice for the line infantry. I would also love action figures representing the light infantry or jaeger with Corsican hat.

Re: Austrian grenadiers shouldering winter

I agree on more Austrian sets; the fact others have them in the pipe doesn't deter my enthusiasm for any new sets you might have in mind - for me they supplement and complement what is already out there. I don't game so the only limit to my collection and armies are my storage space, wants, and budget (!!!).

Also, I like the extended stand on the flagbearer. I usually prefer a bare pole with paper flag, but even there, too often the stand on flagbearers is too small and the figure turns out imbalanced. I think the worst is Airfix's Highlander. One good thing about it - I figured out how to get plastic sheeting to glue to the stand so the guy could - stand.

Kudos for a great set.