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Re: Anticipation of a week-end

Just what the Doctor ordered excellent a few months ago I asked Strelets if their new sculptor was as good at sculpting horses as he is at sculpting soldiers and the answer is an emphatic YES be it under the guise of Linear A.

The decision to choose the Prussian Landwehr Cavalry is an inspired choice not the most flamboyant of Napoleonic Cavalry but greatly needed as the Uhlans already produced are poor by today's standards, things are definitely changing for the better could we also see some poses with swords drawn which could also serve as Dragoons or are we to be treated to a separate set.:heart_eyes:

Re: Anticipation of a week-end

Oh if only! I did have the only dragoon set of the late Prussian army, but the straight scabbard, a ridge along the litewka, combined with the curved swords made me decide to do away with them. If Strelets has any intention of raising the late dragoons, in wait and in full charge, I would be the first one to sign in, especially after having seen the lancer and musician. The horses might indeed be looked at again with slightly larger heads and longer necks, but hey, as the previous responder stated, in this scale there might be some leeway. Apart from that, compared to older cavalry sets these horses look quite reasonable. Obviously, I can imagine that Strelets will continue to strife for the perfect figures, which we all applaude!

Re: Anticipation of a week-end

Excellent! Really useful types, and very pleased to see cavalry at rest too for a change.

Re: Anticipation of a week-end

I don't wish to be critical - and perhaps it's the angle- but to me the horse looks a little chunky...

Re: Anticipation of a week-end

Thanks for previewing this excellent looking figures! :+1: :smile:
Seems as if this essential but yet poorly handled aspect of the late napoleonic wars finally receives the attention & care it deserves.
As repeatedly mentioned, the earlier Italeri & Hät sets were substantially underwhelming. Extremely happy that Strelets tackles another inadequately covered subject so well again.

That said, I agree that the neck of the second horse looks a bit short on the picture.
Like the calm poses a lot though. :+1: