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Re: Napoleonics firing

Oh yes please! Russian light infantry/jaeger and line infantry both in plain uniform and greatcoat both for 1805 and 1812 firing standing, kneeling, reloading etc.would be a dream come through!!! Austrians and French in the same configuration would also seriously appeal to me. It would probably cost me my marriage but hey priorities are priorities! :smile:

Re: Napoleonics firing

Austrians fighting poses. Austrian Grenadiers, Fusiliers with or without helmet. Austrian Arty .....

They fought Napoleon much longer than Russians or Prussians. They were the opponent during the most famous Napoleonic victories (Marengo, Austerlitz). They are badly needed.

Re: Napoleonics firing

A Firing line set including loading poses for Napoleonic Line Infantry seems to me to be a logical addition to the Strelets range.

So far we have had sets covering on the March (Battle Formation) March 2 (Casual March), Attack, Standing at Ease, Standing Order Arms and Standing Shoulder Arms, I would put a Firing line in order of preference only behind the March (Battle Formation) set.

The kneeling poses I would reserve for light infantry sets only.