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Re: Gerd's Westphalians

when I see the beautiful works in the contributions, I am often dissatisfied with my own figures.
Therefore I am pleased that my painting receives more praise than criticism.

Thank you !

I like the set with the marching Landwehr. :+1:
But there is one figure, where the area between the neck and the musket is filled with plastic. I tried to cut this off, but in the process destroyed the whole musket. So i stopped this and painted the other figures as they are.
Just a small problem. Perhaps the mould could be improved a little bit.

Generally I am very pleased that STRELETS has taken on the Prussian army.
We now have the opportunity to build so many different Prussian units like never before.

I hope we will see Landwehr Cavalry and the missing sets of Prussians soon...
Although the French are my favourite Napoleonic army, out of all Napoleon's enemies, the Late War Prussians top the list. On the table top, they seem to do better than my British, D-Bs, Russians & Austrians.