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Re: Confederates Firing

I agree. Great looking masters. I especially like the casualty figures. I wish all ranges had one or more casualties. The Boer War new British Infantry and Highlanders could use some. I'll be buying this fine set of Confederates also.

Nicely done Strelets' Team - GC :relaxed:

Re: Confederates Firing

Agreed, agreed and agreed!

I too really like the inclusion of casualty figures and the fabulous 'command' figures, not to mention the range of firing/reloading poses. The two figures firing downhill are a fine inclusion too, I reckon.

Re: Confederates Firing

Tremendous figures! My credit card is gonna get a workout when their released! Keep up with the civil war range Strelets, your doing a great job!

Re: Confederates Firing

I planned to buy one or two sets. Now things have changed, chicken, no turkey, for Christmas and two more sets of Confederates Firing...

Re: Confederates Firing

Absolutely first class offering.

I have been painting masses of your troops for my upcoming Antietam re fight and these will be be in a starring role.

Brilliant detail, super faces and a real ‘feel’ of the period.

Best wishes,


Re: Confederates Firing

Just superb, Strelets. Thank you. :relaxed:

Re: Confederates Firing

Love it. And adding a few wounded, and casualty figures is appreciated by me also!


Re: Confederates Firing

Bravo Strelets, wonderful figures and excellent balance of different poses. :+1:
Like others said, this set truly breathes a lively & authentic atmosphere as it might have potentially occured in reality.
Hope this specific set pattern can possibly be transferred to similar "firing line"-sets (regarding Naps & other conflicts) in the future?!