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Re: German tunics in color

I once read a post a few years ago from a guy who had been in school just after WW2 who said that all the kids used ex British rucksacks to carry there books to school because they were so cheap at army & navy stores, & out of the twenty or so rucksacks there in the class not one matched another exactly.
which in my mind says that there is not one right colour but a range of colours that could be used for uniforms without being wrong.:slightly_smiling_face:

Re: German tunics in color

The Red has not changed, variation is about age and weathering, so like the guard at Buckingham palace for new uniform , and variations for service in the field.

School bags

Yes, they were all the rage (as in all the cool kids had one) when I was at school in the late 1960's. We used to paint all kinds of designs and pictures on the flap. They came in several colors: RAF blue and Army khaki, from various sources.

Some had been recycled and still had the serviceman's name or number on them, many of the ex army ones had been treated with "blanco" paste (which itself came in different shades of green, khaki and white); others were new unissued surplus stocks made in the UK and other countries. Canadian made web gear was different in color to Australian and Indian manufacture (hence the use of blanco paste to give a uniform appearance): Indian made webbing was a distinctive almost yellow shade of khaki compared to the light brown stuff made elsewhere, and often had black or gunmetal fittings instead of the usual brass.

When I am emperor of this galaxy though, I shall institute a rule that every army taking part in a war must us the same uniform all the way from start to finish, not change pattern and color half way through!

Can I get an Amen, brethren?:grin:

Re: School bags

I still have a gas mask bag, WW2 issue, purchased for 15p about 1970 , it once held all by bits and bobs for fishing, I know have a double garage that overflows, time change :innocent: