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Re: Rules and regulations


For the record I absolutely ABHOR pure I-GO-YOU-GO systems with endless silly fantasy modifiers to remember and where one side stands around like frozen idiots being massacred cough-SAGA-cough (pg 33-35)
Oh I don't know.

Getting an advantage for being able to get the first blow/shot in seems a reasonable justification for some i/go-/u go. And a round of combat surely represents only seconds of real time. Hardly standing around "frozen".
We'll have to agree to disagree here. One man's meat, Steve, is another's poison?

I'm not entirely sure why you eschew modifiers. Simplicity?

I am well aware of the current trend for simpler rules & I am glad these meet a lot of people's expectations. I do remember the complexity of rule sets such as 'Empire' but I'd be reluctant to criticise those who have & still do play them.

My tastes lie some where between the one page Simple rules & the many page encyclopedias.
My justification lies in the idea of tactical challenge. Modifiers provide a smorgsboard of options for you, the table top general, to chose from. Here lies the challenge and, hence, the fun. My opinion only, of course.

Your disdain for SAGA is your business, of course. I know we use it not for some supposed 'realistic' depiction of Dark Ages warfare but for a bit of fun. Our little group of 5 or so laugh & smile more whilst playing SAGA than any other wargame. Is this enough reason for playing SAGA?