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Re: Time to visit the North West Frontier?

I second the calls to Egyptian forces but there is, in my view, another gap in 1/72nd colonials that Strelets would now be well placed to plug.

Also a good match to the late colonial Slade Wallace-equipped Brits would be Pathans for the North West Frontier campaigns of the 1890s. The HaT Indian infantry and Bengal Lancers plus the Strelets British and Highland infantry go a long way to representing one side of the conflict.

I would suggest:

Pathan Infantry

Pathan cavalry

Indian Army Gurkhas

Screw guns with Indian crews

Screw guns with British RA crews
A really good idea. I like this.

Re: Time to visit the North West Frontier?

It is unlikely I will ever buy into the NW Frontier as a gaming period. This is because I already have extensive collections of two other Colonial wars: the Zulu Wars & The Sudan.
The space & time needed for a third period would make a further committent foolish.

However, I'm not posting to rain on your parade. I am but one potential buyer amongst hundreds who would be keen. I think the NW Frontier would be an excellent area for Strelets to enter with a plethora of great sets. I believe it would get a lot of interest & generate sales.

And who knows? If the figures are tempting enough I may show I am indeed foolish & buy into it.

Re: Time to visit the North West Frontier?

Couldn't agree more.....I've used the Red Box Pathans and Gurkhas but would gladly replace them with new Strelets sets.


Re: Time to visit the North West Frontier?

Yes, Arab revolt sets shows irregular poses are perfected by Strelets. Bring on the tribesmen! (Regulars are also great btw!)